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Welcome to the 127th Online Canton Fair-Mainbon Live Room

Welcome to the 127th Online Canton Fair-Mainbon Live Room


Mainbon is not only a Group company consists of different industries, but also an organizer and a platform. This is the place where our clients can achieve their goals and Mainbon can realize her true value. Mainbon highlights her growth yearly at import and export, focusing on light vehicles and spare parts.

In order to bring more surprises to our customers, Mainbon also brings a lot of new products to Mainbon Live Room of Canton Fair this year, ES6 electric scooter is the one of them. 

electric scooter

The idea of this new electric scooter is “enjoy a good ride”. When you ride this electric scooter and travel around the town or city, your will enjoy the scenery at a relax and comfortable mood.

 We used a minimalist style, which looks very high-end. At the same time, a lot of fashionable elements are added, such as a new folding design, wiring layout and color matching, which makes impressive. Mainbon got the design inspiration from Cobra. Its curved Integrated minimalist body not only makes the electric scooter fashion but also easy to ride. One button, many ways to play. In the off state, short press the switch to turn on the vehicle. In the on state, long press the switch for more than 3 seconds to turn off the vehicle. Short press the switch once: turn on / off the driving lights, short press the switch twice in succession: switch the speed mode.

We also consider carefully from the length and width of the pedal to the height above the ground and every detail used by the driver.

The electric scooter has one-click folding body and high-strength aluminum alloy lightweight frame, and the net weight is about 13kg. it’s easy to put it into your car trunk, or take it into elevator, subway or other places. You can ride it to anywhere. Anyone can ride it. In the morning, you can ride it to park to exercise. Undoubtedly, you will be the popular rider. You can also ride it to purchase daily necessities. After you get the electric scooter, you will like going out more frequently. When you go out, scenery is everywhere, and enjoy your leisure time. With it, your life is full of fun and convenience. 

Security control chip. The electric scooter battery core is designed inside the column instead of the bottom of the foot pedal. It can effectively avoid the backlog of the battery caused by the pedal hitting the ground, improving safety. The battery compartment with a high ground clearance and a sealed waterproof motor can be unimpeded even when traveling in water. It is equipped with an energy recovery system applied to automobiles. When the brakes or the throttle is released, part of the kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy for storage and utilization, which enhances the user's emergency braking experience. At the same time, the recovered energy helps to enhance the endurance. Clear display of power and speed. The remaining power is displayed in real time, reminding you to charge in time. During riding, the speed value jumps and changes, and the riding speed is displayed in real time, reminding you to ride safely. Use the push-type rebound throttle, accelerating with one touch, and freely control the riding speed. Front wheel is E-ABS anti-lock brake system and rear wheel stepping brake system,realizing efficient braking and quick response. When the brake lever is pressed, the rear warning light flashes to warn the rear cars. Whether it is day or night, just to protect your safety.

Equipped with high-security 18650 power lithium battery and powerful Intelligent brushless DC motor, rated power 350W instantaneous peak power up to 700W. It can provide a comfortable and gentle riding experience on flat roads, and it can also explode with strong power on uphill roads.

Parameter configuration:

Vehicle size(cm): long:110 width:112 Height:36

Folded size(cm): long:113 width:15 handle width:42 Height:36

Voltage: 36V

Battery capacity: 4.2Ah,187Wh

Motor peak power: 700W

Motor rated power: 350W

Peak speed: 20km/h

Stable endurance: 20km

Displace: digital meter

Weight: about 13kg

Climbing grade: 15 °

Headlight: 2.5W

Taillight: have

Ambient light: no

Bell: have

Tyre type: 9-inch non-inflatable vacuum explosion-proof tyre

Brake method: Electronic brake + Mechanical brake

The ES6 electric scooter has so many advantages that it's definitely a electric scooter you deserve. Besides ES6 electric scooter, there will also be many other new scooter products to show you. Welcome to the Mainbon Live Room.

 Mainbon Group, it is a place where your dream comes true. We will continue to strive to give you more surprise and excitement.

 Customer is First, Honesty is a Must.

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