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What is the failure of the electric scooter?

What is the failure of the electric scooter?


With the rapid development of living, there are more and more ways, and more common is that electric scooters, electric scooters bring convenience to people, but if not properly, it is easy to cause electric skateboarding There are some faults in the car, followed by Mainbon electric scooter manufacturer to introduce common troubleshooting of electric scooters.

General troubleshooting of electric scooters

When the electric scooter does not operate normally, please check if the following acts have been completed:

● The power is turned on.

● The power display has the remaining electricity.

● The brake pull has been released.

● All jacks and connectors are cleaned and accurately connected.

● If all of which have been completed but the product is still not working properly, please contact the product dealer.

electric scooter

Charging instructions for electric scooters

Note: Each electric scooter is equipped with a dedicated lithium battery and a dedicated intelligent charger. Do not charge other brands of chargers, other types of batteries should not use this charger.

1. Put the charger connector with the charging interface on the body, and pay attention to check the mutual cooperation between the interface, avoid inappropriately inserting the structure of the destroyed interface.

2. Insert the source plug into the 220V communication city electrical socket. At this time, the charger is lighted, indicating that the charging starts O (when the charger power plug is connected to 220V AC, the charger indicator lights green, indicating Normal standby state o)

3. When the charger indicator is red, it means being charged. When the charger indicator is turned into a green light, it means that the battery is fully full.

4. When the charger is lit, it indicates that the battery has been charged O (the battery is removed in time, unplugging the charger from the socket, helping to extend the battery and charger. Service life.

Electric scooter maintenance

The long-term life of the lead battery used by the electric scooter has a big relationship with the daily use maintenance of the user. Generally speaking, pay attention to the following:

1. Develop the accustomed habits of accompanying, so that the battery often keeps the foot electricity.

2. Determine the length of charging according to the itinerary, control over 4-12 hours, and charge it when it is not long.

3, the battery is placed for a long time, you need to be fully charged, and add once a month.

4, in starting and uphill, with an ankle to help.

5, when charging, use the supporting charger, place it in a cool and ventilated style, avoid high temperature and moisture, do not let the water enter the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.

Basic operation of electric scooters

1. Press the power switch for 5 seconds, the power is turned on; then press 5 seconds, then the power is turned off.

2. Press to add 1 button, the gear is increased until 5, the higher the gear, the faster the depth.

3. Press the reduction of 1 button, the gear is reduced, until 0, the lower the gear, the slower speed.

4. Short press the power switch, sequentially display (DIS) single mileage, (ODO) total mileage, (rpm) motor speed, (Time) single cycle, (VOL) battery voltage.

5. When the electric scooter fails, the liquid crystal screen displays the faulty part, and the brake fault, motor failure, and the failure of the controller are faulty.

Safety instructions for electric scooters

● Please read this manual carefully before using the electric scooter.

● The electric scooter is only used for adults or over the age of 16.

● Do not ride the electric slide car in an unsecure or violation of the regulations.

● Check the performance before riding, and whether the components are expanded.

● Do not use electric scooters below -50c. Lithium batteries are charged at least 30 days when they are stagnant.

● Do not ride the electric slide car on the surface with water, oil or ice.

● Do not allow the electric scooter to be immersed in a water depth of 5 cm or more or directly, which will cause a motor and circuit failure.

For more information on electric scooters, please contact Mainbon electric scooter manufacturer.

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