Matters needing attention when buying an electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2022-02-17
After purchasing a car, check whether the parts of the whole vehicle are normal, whether the connecting parts are loose, whether the instrument display is normal, and whether the front and rear brakes are flexible. Pay attention to the tire pressure before each ride, and the pressure should be moderate. The lack of air pressure increases the friction force, and when the riding is strenuous, the power consumption is relatively large, and the speed of the vehicle should be reduced. Always check the flexibility of the brakes, whether the screws of the whole vehicle are loose, and the chain, flywheel, etc. need to be refueled. When braking, release the speed control handle to avoid damage to the motor and other parts. When getting off the car, the power supply should be turned off to prevent the car from turning the speed control knob unintentionally and the electric tricycle suddenly starts unexpectedly. Charge the car immediately after receiving it. Do not cover anything on the charger, pay attention to ventilation and waterproofing; the charger contains high-voltage lines, do not disassemble it without authorization. The battery should also be added with distilled water after a period of time to prevent the battery from drying up and affecting the battery life. The electric drawing car that has not been used for a long time should start the electric drawing car every 25 days or so, and run it at a medium speed for about 20 minutes, otherwise it will take too long, and the electric drawing car will not be able to start when the car is used. During normal driving, you should always check whether the holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the holes in the battery cover are blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen produced cannot be discharged, and the battery shell will be broken when the electrolyte expands.

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