Operation and performance of electric drawing car

by:Mainbon     2022-02-17
Operation of electric drawing car: The electric drawing car is a new energy drawing car modified by combining human labor and diesel locomotive work. Science and technology make the output power at least 10-12 horsepower, and the one-time full charge is only 5 kWh, which reduces the fuel cost by 3/4-4/5 compared with the diesel engine. It saves the transport vehicle and manual labor for the enterprise.
The performance characteristics of the electric drawing car: the electric drawing electric tricycle is equipped with the function of braking and power off, which is convenient and reliable to operate and has a relatively high safety system. Moreover, the electric drawing electric tricycle uses electricity, and it will not fail to start due to low temperature in winter. The car is powered by a 12-horsepower (10- or 15-horsepower) diesel engine, and is powered by a battery. It transports 12 slabs at a time. It is equipped with a lifting device, a double-layer working table, and is automatically lifted. The 12 slabs are automatically supported at the brick machine. Pick up from the truck, and automatically drop 12 slabs of bricks onto the pallet rack in the blank yard, making full use of the efficiency of the blank transport truck, and the female labor force can operate it. The electric drawing car can replace three manpower, which can solve the problem of difficult manpower management and difficult recruitment for enterprises. It also saves a lot of fuel costs for the company. Let enterprises invest quickly and recover quickly.
The electric drawing car is equipped with forward and reverse gears, which can cooperate with the front and rear operation of the vehicle to avoid the problem of small turning radius in a narrow working area. The operation of the electric drawing car is also very simple, and it can be operated with or without driving experience. One electric drawing cart can replace four rickshaws.

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