A brief analysis of the signs before the battery of electric scooter is scrapped

by:Mainbon     2021-09-21
A brief analysis of the signs before the battery of an electric scooter is obsolete. When does an electric scooter need to be replaced? How do we judge whether the battery needs to be replaced? The two-wheeled electric scooter will give you a detailed analysis today.  The electric scooter battery is the core component of the electric scooter, but the electric scooter battery has a service life. At present, most electric scooters on the market use lead-acid batteries, which can normally be used for more than one year. Users should determine whether they are scrapped according to the specific conditions of use and operating conditions. But under what circumstances need to be replaced with a new battery? What are the signs before the battery becomes obsolete?   1. The actual discharge capacity of the battery is less than about 60% of the rated capacity, and the battery cannot be significantly increased after maintenance, it can be determined to be scrapped.  This is due to the fact that the performance of the battery will be greatly degraded after the capacity decays to about 60% during the use of the battery, and all components have basically reached a deteriorating state. This attenuation has a tendency to gradually accelerate, and the charge and discharge capacity will soon be completely lost.  2. Whether the battery is charging or discharging, its shell is very hot.  The cause of heat generation is that the active material on the electrode plate is severely peeled off, the internal resistance increases, and the heat generation increases. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve to check, you will see that the electrolyte is 'blackAt this time, the battery self-discharges quickly, and sometimes it runs out soon after charging.  3. It will be fully charged after tens of minutes, and it will be out of power after less than a few hours of riding.   At this time, the battery will be changed again, and when choosing a battery, try to choose a high-quality brand battery.   Under normal circumstances, the service life of a battery with a greater depth of discharge is about 1 year; a battery with a depth of discharge of 50%-70% has a life of about 1 and a half years; batteries produced by individual manufacturers can reach more than 2 years. When the above signs appear on the battery, it means that the battery life has expired and it is time to replace it with a new one. The above is the analysis on whether the battery needs to be replaced. You can compare it and hope it will be helpful to you. Prev: What's wrong with the rear wheel of the electric scooter not turning Next: What should be checked for the charging of the electric scooter?
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