A brief introduction to the battery tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-28
According to relevant regulations, the main difference between a motor vehicle and a non-motor vehicle lies in the difference in the power unit. Motor vehicles are driven by power units, while non-motor vehicles are driven by human or animal power; among power-driven vehicles, the disabled Motorized wheelchairs and electric bicycles are non-motorized vehicles; so battery tricycles are non-motorized vehicles. The state also stipulates that the speed of non-motorized vehicles should not exceed 20 kilometers per hour when the power unit is installed, and there are relevant regulations on the quality of empty vehicles and external dimensions. It is said that now The battery tricycle can reach a speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour, which is obviously inconsistent with the standards of non-motor vehicles; it is said to be a motor vehicle, and it has not been approved by the country, nor is it listed in the catalog of motor vehicles. It cannot be registered as a motor vehicle. Registration, in addition to the fact that the vehicle currently has no technical parameters and testing standards, there is no normative basis for inclusion in a motor vehicle. The electric tricycle has the advantages of low price, simple operation, convenient driving, etc. It is mainly used to carry building decoration materials, furniture and home appliances, vegetables and fruits, etc. This has the transportation cost and convenience advantages that other vehicles cannot replace, and it has its living space; at present; The management of battery tricycles is relatively blank. The drivers of battery tricycles do not need training and assessment; most of the drivers of battery tricycles are foreigners and rural people. Driving battery tricycles to pull goods is also a means of making a living; at present, various batteries Tricycles can be publicly sold and run on the road. To a certain extent, battery tricycles have been recognized by relevant departments. Some battery tricycles can carry as much cargo as some minivans, but due to their poor braking performance, there is a greater traffic safety hazard; the current electric tricycles are getting faster and faster, but their corresponding supporting facilities are Can’t keep up, such as night driving lights, turn signals, horns, braking performance, etc.; battery tricycle drivers do not need to be trained or assessed, which makes their driving skills relatively uneven, poor awareness of traffic laws, and more The qualitative nature of its motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles makes its driving lanes more random, and its driving is silent and quiet, which is often overwhelming; because there is no compulsory insurance for battery tricycles, once there is a loss In larger accidents, the ability to pay for economic compensation is also a problem; even after an accident, they escaped, because there is no registration and no vehicle information, which brings great difficulties to the traffic management department in investigating such cases.
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