About the maintenance of electric bicycle tires

by:Mainbon     2021-10-11
Regarding the maintenance of electric bicycle tires Electric bicycle tires are a very important part of electric bicycles. When performing daily inspections on electric bicycles, pay attention to checking whether the tires are normal, and pay attention to daily maintenance. So how to maintain electric bicycle tires in daily life? Let’s take a look at two-wheeled electric bicycles.  1. Electric bicycle tires are rubber products. Consumers should not stick to oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oil when riding or parking electric bicycles to prevent rubber from aging and deterioration.  Second, when the electric bicycle is not in use, it is necessary to inflate enough to prevent the inner and outer tires from being crushed and forming wrinkles, causing cracks and deformation in the crushed and wrinkled areas, thereby greatly reducing the life of the tire.   Three, cannot be overloaded. You should know that more than 95% of electric bicycles do not have a rear tire support frame, and they rely on the rear wheel and unilateral support frame to support the weight of the body. The rear tires bear a weight of tens of kilograms.  4. Frequently check the tire valve core to prevent outgassing and maintain the tire pressure within the normal range.   5. Do not park the electric bicycle in a humid place when it is not in use, as it will accelerate the aging of the tires for a long time.  6. u200bu200bDo not park electric bicycles under the scorching sun. High temperature exposure may not only explode the tires, but also accelerate tire aging.   Seven, parking time is long, try not to use temples. In order to reduce the bearing weight of the rear tires.   8. If you do not use electric bicycles for a long time, you can cover the tires with plastic bags. The quality of tires is also one of the important factors for the safety and safety of riding electric bicycles. Therefore, we have to check the tires every day in normal life, and check the air pressure with a barometer at least once a month. Check the pressure inside the tires while the tires are cooling. The above is the content for everyone. You can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous post: Talking about several reasons that cause the e-bike to ride strenuously Next post: Talking about the influence of ambient temperature on the battery capacity of electric bicycles
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