After 2020, what new features have been added to two-wheeled electric bicycles?

by:Mainbon     2021-10-17
After 2020, what new features have been added to two-wheeled electric bicycles? In people’s impression, two-wheeled electric bicycles seem not to be associated with high-tech. They are just a simple means of transportation. However, in the past two years, the technological advancement of two-wheel electric bicycles has been developing at a speed that is 'visible to the naked eye'. Many functions on cars and mobile phones are now available. After 2020, what new features have been added to two-wheeled electric bicycles? Let’s take a look at two-wheeled electric bicycles. New feature 1: Three-mode unlocking. Three-mode unlocking refers to unlocking the mobile phone APP, unlocking by NFC swiping card, and automatically unlocking by induction. It was first applied to the two series of electric No. 9 C and E products. In the past two years, brands such as Emma, u200bu200bYadi, Tailing, Xinri, and Luyuan have begun to be applied to new cars. At present, three-mode unlocking has become one of the standard features of two-wheel smart electric bicycles. New function 2: SOC accurate battery display The inaccurate battery display of electric bicycles has always been a problem that plagued users. Inspired by the battery power display technology of mobile phones, Luyuan and other electric bicycle manufacturers began to apply SOC accurate power display technology to two-wheeled electric bicycles, solving the problems of virtual power and power failure of electric bicycles. New function three: Intelligent voice interaction Recently, the IOT intelligent ecological chain (Internet of Things) is very popular. The ecological chain of Xiaomi started at the earliest. Now Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu and other giants have begun to get involved in the IOT field. As the most important link in the intelligent ecological chain-intelligent travel, two-wheeled electric bicycles have become an important object of intelligent transformation. Compared with mechanical interaction, intelligent voice interaction is more convenient. In 2021, intelligent voice interaction and two-wheeled electric bicycles will begin to be deeply integrated, and more and more two-wheeled electric bicycles will begin to connect to the IOT ecological chain, and voice interaction will become the standard configuration of smart models. During the development of two-wheeled electric bicycles for more than 20 years, we can clearly feel the advancement of electric bicycle technology and the improvement of functions, from the initial simple transportation to the current audio-visual entertainment, and then to the realization of intelligent interconnection by connecting to the Internet. An electric bicycle can complete many functions such as payment, navigation, and weather broadcasting. Electric bicycles have become another big smart mobile terminal after mobile phones. In the future, two-wheeled electric bicycles must have more new features coming online, let us wait and see! The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous post: There are frequent explosions of electric bicycles, so be careful when charging! Next: Are two-wheel electric bicycles a motor vehicle?
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