Analysis of the causes of failures in the motors of three electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-27
1. The motor of the electric tricycle is noisy (1) The cause of the fault: ①The bearing clearance in the motor is large. ②Sweep the bore of the motor rotor. ③The magnet is loose and falls off. ④ Axial movement inside the motor. ⑤The surface of the commutator of the brushed motor is oxidized, ablated, oily, uneven, and the commutator is loose. ⑥ The carbon brush holder is loose or incorrect. (2) Troubleshooting: ① Replace the bearing. ②Re-repair the stator and rotor. ③Re-bonding the magnetic steel. ④Add a suitable washer in the axial direction. ⑤Clean the surface layer of the commutator or weld the commutator piece firmly. ⑥Adjust the carbon brush holder. 2. The motor of the electric tricycle is shaking (brushless) (1) The cause of the fault ①The motor Hall connector is defective. ② Poor contact of the handlebar. ③There is interference in the speed signal line. (2) Troubleshooting: ①The hall connector of the motor is bad, reconnect it. ②Poor contact of the handlebar, reconnect it. ③There is interference in the speed signal line, try to change the controller and instrument. ④The vibration of the electric bicycle during use is generally caused by poor contact between the motor Hall switch connector and the handlebar connector. Therefore, focus on checking the connectors, especially the motor Hall switch connectors. 3. The meter of the electric tricycle is normal, but the motor does not rotate. (1) The cause of the fault: ①The brake lever is damaged.②The speed control lever is damaged.The motor is damaged.The controller is damaged.(2)Troubleshooting ①Unplug the brake lever socket (normally Open type brake lever). If the motor is running, the brake lever is faulty, and the brake lever should be replaced. ②The 5V voltage of the handlebar source is normal, check the handlebar signal voltage, and rotate the handlebar, the signal voltage should change from low to high at 0.8~4.2V. If the voltage does not change and is less than 1V, it is a fault or a short-circuit in the cable. If the voltage is greater than 1V and the change is normal, check the motor Hall signal (yellow, green, blue lines). If the voltage of the three-phase Hall signal line is all 5V and the contact is good, the motor Hall is damaged, and the motor or the motor Hall element should be replaced. ③Check the hall signal wires of the motor separately, and slowly turn the motor by hand. The voltage of each phase should change between 0~5V. If the voltage does not change, the hall of the motor is damaged, and the motor or hall element of the motor should be replaced. If the voltage conversion of each phase is normal and the power supply is normal, the controller is damaged. Replace the controller. ④ Use a multimeter to check the voltage of the controller's power input terminal. The voltage should be greater than 36V (the battery is fully charged). If there is no voltage, check the input line. Check the power supply voltage of the controller's handlebar (connecting the red and black wires of the handlebar). The normal voltage is 5~6V. If there is no 5V voltage, unplug the handlebar socket and the voltage restores to 5V. It may be a short circuit of the motor Hall element. If there is still no 5V voltage, the controller is faulty and the controller should be replaced. ⑤First check whether there is a short circuit between the speed control handle and the motor Hall head. Generally, it is more likely to cause a short circuit when it rains and damp. Therefore, pay attention to the waterproofing of the handle joint. If the controller is damaged, check the handle first before replacing the new controller. Is there a short circuit with the hall switch of the motor? Otherwise it will cause continuous damage to the replacement controller! ⑥Or the motor does not turn, focus on checking the motor Hall switch and the signal of the steering handle. If the controller shell is very hot when it is powered on, it is generally because the internal power tube of the controller is short-circuited. The power should be cut off immediately.
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