Analysis of the difference between 48v electric bicycle and 60v electric bicycle

by:Mainbon     2021-10-05
Analysis on the difference between 48v electric bicycle and 60v electric bicycle. The common configuration of electric bicycle is 48v and 60v electric bicycle. Consumers who buy it will often make a comparison between the two. What is the difference between 48v electric bicycle and 60v electric bicycle Woolen cloth? I will give you a specific analysis of the two-wheeled electric bicycle. First, the price of 48v electric bicycles will be lower at different prices, and the price of 60v electric bicycles will be higher. For the average person, both can meet the needs of transportation. Second, the battery packs of different 48v electric bicycles are generally made up of 4 12v batteries in series, while the 60v battery pack is made up of 5 batteries in series. The motors, controllers, tires, brakes, etc. are all different. , The configuration of the 60v tram will be relatively higher. Third, the power is different. Generally, the motor power used by the 48v electric bicycle is 350W, and the 60v electric bicycle has a higher motor power, 600W or 800W. Fourth, the speed of 60v electric bicycles with different driving speed and carrying capacity is generally higher than that of 40v electric bicycles, and their carrying capacity is naturally different. If you often climb hills, 60v electric bicycles are definitely better. It is recommended that you buy electric bicycles according to your own needs and economic carrying capacity. If you want electric bicycles to run faster and often carry people, you can choose 60v electric bicycles, which are just ordinary driving. Too big a difference. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous: 6 o'clock to take you to know the electric bicycle frame Next: How to judge the quality of the electric bicycle handlebar
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