Analysis of the status quo of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-18
An electric tricycle is a vehicle that uses electricity as its energy source. Generally, it uses lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries for power. Electric tricycles have the advantages of simple operation, comfortable and stable riding, convenient maintenance, no pollution and low noise. It is the best means of transportation for the disabled or the elderly with leg inconvenience, and also an ideal means of transportation for urban office workers. In the design process of electric tricycles, it is necessary to carry out a fully humanized design in terms of function and perfect a set of reasonable human-machine relationship; it is also necessary to shape a sense of beauty visually and give users more beautiful enjoyment. With the advancement of science and technology, the development of industry, the pollution of the environment, and the expansion of traffic, the provision of a convenient, simple, safe and reliable transportation tool for urban office workers, the aging or the disabled has attracted more and more attention and attention from the whole society. The basic research in this area and the development of product equipment will also be important topics for future economic development. For the research on electric tricycles, since the 1990s, product types and models have been developed quite abundantly. The overall appearance has the original wheelchair form, which is cheap, easy to use and easy to fold, and some are relatively large in appearance and more functional. Many, ride more comfortable high-end electric tricycle. At present, the research in the field of transportation tools is mainly in Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan. In fact, countries such as Europe, America and Japan have noticed this kind of social problem of the elderly people long ago. For the disabled, various types of electric wheelchair mobility tools have been developed. Almost all electric tricycles currently entering the practical stage in Europe, America, Japan and other countries are electric wheelchairs and recreational vehicles for outdoor use as a means of moving out.
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