Analysis on the failure of electric bicycle battery and troubleshooting

by:Mainbon     2021-10-04
Analysis of the fault of the electric bicycle battery and the elimination of the battery failure. What should I do if the fault of the electric bicycle battery and the elimination of the battery failure? Let’s take a look at two-wheeled electric bicycles. 1. Troubleshooting 1) First, check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, whether the connection angle between the connection and the plug is intact, and carefully check whether the socket and plug have 'fire' arc phenomenon, wireless circuit damage, disconnection, etc. 2) Check whether the charger is damaged and whether the charging parameters meet the requirements, that is, the initial charging current reaches 1.6~2.5A/pc; the charging voltage reaches 14.8~14.9/pc, the charging floating charge conversion current reaches 0.3~0.4/pc, floating charging The pressure is up to 14.0~14.4/pc. 3) Check whether there is any dry-up inside the battery, that is, whether the battery is seriously short of liquid. 4) Check whether there is irreversible sulfation on the plates. The irreversible sulfation of the plate can be judged by the change of the terminal voltage measured by charging and discharging. When charging, the voltage of the battery rises very fast, and the battery has no or little power. In the event of the above operation, it can be judged that the battery has irreversible sulfation. 2. Troubleshooting First, connect the charging circuit firmly. If the charger is abnormal, replace it. Dry storage batteries should be supplemented with distilled water or electrolyte for maintenance and charging, and discharge to restore battery capacity. If irreversible sulfation is found, the equalization charge should be performed to restore the capacity. The maintenance and charging of the dry battery after adding liquid should control the maximum current of 1.8A, charge for 10~15h, and the voltage of the three batteries should be above 13.4V/only. If the voltage difference between the batteries exceeds 0.3V, it means that the batteries have been out of sync and irreversible sulfation. For batteries that undergo irreversible sulfation, the entire set of batteries needs to be replaced or activated. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous: Knowledge about fire prevention of electric bicycles Next: Precautions for the use of electric bicycle control systems
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