Analysis on the precautions of using electric bicycle charger

by:Mainbon     2021-10-05
Analysis of the precautions for using electric bicycle chargers There are many reasons for the short service life of electric bicycle batteries. Among them, the correct use of the charger is a particularly important step. So what matters should be paid attention to when using electric bicycle chargers? Shandong two-wheeled electric bicycles will let you know more about it.   1. Do not use chargers of other brands to charge the battery, and other types of batteries are not suitable for charging with this charger, unless they are tested by a professional authorized by our company. 2. When using the charger battery pack to charge, first insert the output plug of the charger into the charging socket of the battery pack, and then insert the mains input plug of the charger into the AC mains power socket; After unplugging the mains plug, remove the output plug of the charger. 3. The charger will generate a certain amount of heat during the working process. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable materials at the bottom of the charger, such as flammable plastic or foam, etc.; it is strictly forbidden to cover any items on the top and around the charger; please keep the charger in a well-ventilated environment. Used in the environment. If you notice a peculiar smell during charging or the temperature of the charger casing is too high, the surface temperature of the casing is higher than 65℃, please stop charging immediately and send it to the maintenance department for inspection and treatment. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous: Tips for adjusting the brake system of electric bicycles Next: How to distinguish between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles
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