Analysis on the working characteristics of electric bicycle assist sensor

by:Mainbon     2021-10-05
Analysis on the working characteristics of electric bicycle power-assisted sensors. Electric bicycles generally have power-assisted sensors. What are their working characteristics? Let me introduce the details of electric bicycles.   The power-assisted sensor of an electric bicycle is a component that organically combines mechanics, electronics, software, and magnetism. It uses a storable single-chip microcomputer to complete the set storage function and reset the system error to ensure the match with the vehicle and the consistency of the product. Its characteristics are as follows:   1. Good safety: The maximum speed limit can be set according to the transmission ratio of the whole vehicle (for example: 25 km/h without power); when the riding speed is high, the power supply can be gradually reduced.  2. Sleep function interface: the instrument component is equipped with the vehicle sleep function interface: when the vehicle has stopped running for 5 minutes, there will be a sleep state signal output.  3. Repeated setting: According to the magnitude of the afterburner applied by different users, users can set up while riding while riding, so as to achieve a humanized operation that meets the needs of different customers.  4. Set the system's afterburner function: According to the user's riding mode and the controller-the matching of the motor can be changed: the compensation amount of the torque parameter and the compensation amount of the kinetic energy parameter. 5. Save electricity and extend battery life: While leisure and fitness, it can nearly double the cruising range of the vehicle. Since the current used is about half of that of a pure electric bicycle, the damage to the battery caused by high current discharge is avoided. The above is about the working characteristics of the electric bicycle power sensor. You can learn about it and hope it can help you. Previous: Analysis of the hidden safety hazards of windshield Next: Briefly describe the core of the electric bicycle electrical system
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