Analyze the reasons why electric tricycles cannot be powered and cannot be driven

by:Mainbon     2021-05-01
Problem 1: The power supply of the hydroelectric tricycle is unavailable and cannot drive. Solution: 1: Check whether the fuse of the electric door lock cable of the electric tricycle is loose or not. The fuse is damaged or the fuse is reconnected or replaced. 2: Find the electric door lock of the electric tricycle and check whether the terminal is off. If it does, replace the electric door lock with a new one. 3: First of all, find the wiring socket with the electric door lock wiring, then open the wiring socket, check whether the wiring contact copper sheet is oxidized or damaged, remove the stain on the wiring copper sheet surface, or replace the wiring copper sheet, or connect the wiring to the electric door lock Just connect it directly. 4: If the above solution cannot be solved, then only the battery wiring and the entire circuit of the electric door lock will be considered. First of all, open the cargo box and check whether the battery string is broken (or excessive accumulation of hydrochloric acid oxide on the battery terminal. For such reasons, the naked eye and the multimeter test are basically invalid. First, prepare boiling water. Then rinse the terminal, and then pull it hard with pliers to detect whether the wiring is firmly connected. If it is loose or broken, reconnect the wiring firmly. In addition, we can also start with the overall line of electric door locks. We need to use a universal meter, adjust the meter gear to Ω (resistance) gear, and then test the wire needle of the meter to check whether the electric door lock wire is connected. (The electric door lock wire is generally red and green thin wires, red thin wire Connect the main positive wire from the electric door lock terminal block to the main positive line of the contactor, and the green thin wire from the electric door lock terminal block to the combined reverse switch terminal) If any one of the wires is open, find the break point and connect it or replace the line. . (This list of solutions is generally aimed at brushed motor vehicles with DC contactors and combined reverse switches. The full line of electric door locks for brushless motor vehicles is generally from the electric door lock terminal block directly to the main positive line of the controller and the controller. Electric door lock outlet)
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