Analyze the safety hazards of windshield

by:Mainbon     2021-09-19
Analyze the safety hazards of windshield quilt Now many people choose windshield in summer or winter. In fact, there are still some safety hazards in windshield quilts. Let me analyze the specific electric bicycles. The weather is getting colder. As the temperature drops, many citizens riding electric bicycles in the streets and alleys have added a 'warm-keeping artifact' to their electric bicycles-windshield, although the windshield has a certain cold-proof effect, but Security risks should not be underestimated. The width of most windshields exceeds the width of the handlebars and is easily caught by vehicles on both sides. When riding a bike in cold weather, you should wear more clothes, wear hats, masks, gloves, etc. to keep out the cold, and it is best to choose knee pads to keep your legs warm. As winter approaches, the cold wind is gradually invading. Riding an electric bicycle does require a certain amount of courage and protective measures. Therefore, many owners have installed windshield quilts for their electric bicycles, but this practice also affects the owners. For the sake of safety, don’t use the windshield, but don’t let yourself be hurt because you want to be warm for a while. This is not worth the loss. The above is the content for everyone to introduce, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you. Previous: Analyze the reasons for the rapid decrease in the power stored in the battery of electric bicycles in winter Next: Analysis of the working characteristics of the electric bicycle assist sensor
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