Anhua Electric reminds you of the precautions for electric tricycles stolen

by:Mainbon     2022-02-14
Registration of electric tricycles. The licensing of electric tricycles has been carried out across the country. Electric tricycles should be stored. Electric tricycles should not be placed anywhere, and it is best to park them in a supervised unified parking shed. At the same time, once a person walks away or goes to bed at night, try to separate the battery of the electric tricycle and the electric tricycle as much as possible. Characteristics of electric tricycle theft cases.
Analysis of multiple theft cases of electric tricycles: The incident locations are mostly concentrated near commercial outlets such as hospitals, supermarkets, Internet cafes, and downstairs in residential areas; the incident time is mainly concentrated at noon and night. Buying stolen cars hurts others. There are also relatively many second-hand cars. There are many cases of electric tricycles being stolen. One of the reasons is that they can be used and sold after being stolen. Citizens should not buy stolen cars for cheap. Purchasing and selling a stolen car knowingly is a crime. In addition, buying a stolen car is also equivalent to laying a hidden danger for oneself or others to be stolen again. If you buy an electric tricycle, try to buy a new car. After-sales service is guaranteed. Report theft immediately.
After the electric tricycle is stolen, citizens should report the case to the police in time, so that the public security organ can timely determine the high-incidence area and strengthen patrol and prevention. The car purchase invoice should also be properly kept, so as to provide the police with the basis for filing a case or claim the certificate after solving the case if it is lost. Create a public control area. Relevant units, communities, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, teahouses, Internet cafes, farmers markets and other areas with a high incidence of vehicle theft are required to set up parking lots for motorcycles and electric tricycles with special care. This will greatly reduce the chance of being stolen.
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