Basic structure of electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2022-02-11
In cities, electric three-wheeled vehicles mainly used for leisure travel have also grown steadily due to the improvement of economic development and living standards, and their status in the eyes of the elderly has been rising. Compared with two-wheeled electric tricycles, electric tricycles are more stable, reliable and safer, making them an ideal means of transportation for the elderly. According to the electric tricycle reporter who visited the dealer before, although the electric tricycle is currently dominated by the rural market, the sales volume in the urban area is not as bleak as imagined. On the contrary, there is a rise. Among them, the elderly and special industries Application-based.

Basic structure of electric tricycle:
Body part: It is mainly composed of frame, rear body, front fork, seat, front and rear wheels, etc. The main body supports the whole vehicle; Electrical instrument part: It is composed of display lights, instrument indicator display devices, horns and other audio devices and chargers, etc. It is the main device that reflects the movement state of the vehicle; It is composed of transmission and other components. The working principle is that after the circuit is turned on, the driving motor rotates to drive the driving wheel to brake, and the remaining two driven wheels are pushed to make the whole vehicle travel. At present, electric tricycles mostly use stepless speed change, and control the motor speed through different output voltages. Electric tricycles with large load mostly use mid-mounted motor or differential motor as the drive system to make the car higher and more powerful; Manipulating the brake part: It consists of a handlebar with a speed regulating device and a braking device, which is mainly used to control the driving direction, driving speed and braking.
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