Basic structure of electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-05-21
In cities, electric three-wheeled vehicles, which are mainly used for leisure transportation, have also been steadily increased due to the improvement of economic development and living standards, and their status in the minds of the elderly has continued to rise. Compared with two-wheeled electric vehicles, electric tricycles are more stable, reliable and safer, making them an ideal transportation tool for the elderly. According to a reporter from Electric Vehicle Times when visiting dealers, although electric tricycles are currently dominated by the rural market, the sales volume in the city is not as dismal as expected. On the contrary, there has been an increase. Among them, the elderly travel and special industries. Application-oriented. The basic structure of the electric tricycle: body part: mainly composed of frame, rear body, front fork, seat, front and rear wheels, etc. The main body supports the whole vehicle;    electrical instrument part: display lamp, instrument indicator display device, horn, etc. The sound device and charger are the main devices that reflect the vehicle's motion state;    power and transmission part: is the focus of the electric tricycle, mainly including the motor, bearing, transmission sprocket, transmission, etc. The working principle is that the circuit is turned on and then driven The rotation of the motor drives the driving wheel to brake, and pushes the other two driven wheels to make the whole vehicle move. At present, electric vehicles mostly use stepless speed change and control the motor speed through different output voltages. Electric tricycles with heavy load usually use mid-mounted motors or differential motors as the drive system to make the vehicle higher and more powerful;    manipulate the brake part: It consists of a handlebar with a speed control device and a braking device, which is mainly used to control the driving direction, driving speed and braking.
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