Battery tricycles have the biggest hidden danger

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
The cargo capacity of some electric tricycles is no less than that of some minivans, but due to its poor braking performance, there is a greater traffic safety hazard; now the speed of battery tricycles is getting faster and faster, but its corresponding supporting facilities are not. Can not keep up, such as nighttime driving lights, turn signals, horns, braking performance, etc.; electric tricycle drivers do not need to undergo training and assessment, which makes their driving skills relatively uneven, poor awareness of traffic laws, plus The characterization of its motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles makes its driving lane more random, and its driving is silent and silent, which is often hard to prevent; because there is no compulsory insurance for electric tricycles, once a loss occurs For larger accidents, the financial compensation capacity is also a problem; and after an accident, there is no registration and no vehicle information, which brings great difficulties to the traffic management department in investigating and handling such cases.
The current existence of a large number of battery tricycles has affected the normal road traffic safety and the city's image, but in terms of the current transportation demand, battery tricycles also have their reasons for existence. One is the daily transportation of urban and rural residents and businesses. It brings convenience, economy and speed. Second, it solves the livelihood problems of some rural surplus laborers and migrant workers. Therefore, if we simply rely on strong means to force the ban, it may cause some social conflicts. For this reason, whether we can maintain a rational understanding, adopt strengthening departmental management and guidance, and take the special vehicles such as battery tricycles as soon as possible. Specially formulate local regulations to limit the production of high-powered battery tricycles, adopt standardized management, such as information management such as upper license plates, drivers need a driver's license (operating license) and organize safety studies on them to enhance their traffic safety awareness; must participate Compulsory insurance, the traffic management department increases daily supervision and punishment, and imposes penalties on battery tricycles such as overloading, speeding, and drunk driving in accordance with the law.

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