Briefly describe the design criteria of heavy-duty electric scooters

by:Mainbon     2021-09-20
Briefly describe the design guidelines for heavy-duty electric scooters. Do you know the design guidelines for heavy-duty electric scooters? Today we will introduce the two-wheeled electric scooter. 1. The car body is scientifically designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, material mechanics and aesthetics. The appearance is light and beautiful. The selected parts and materials have a good riding effect.  2. The design of the controller combines analog technology, digital technology and fuzzy technology to make the vehicle safer, better performance, and longer service life.  3. The use of a new type of motor allows you to ride quietly, quickly, conveniently and naturally.  4. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which can be folded in four ways, such as handlebars, body, seat tube, and pedals. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.  5. The scientific speed limit design is carried out in accordance with the national electric scooter standards, and the speed does not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, so that the rider is safe and the family is more assured.  6. u200bu200bThe lithium-ion battery used is smaller, lighter, and has a longer life. Under normal use, the battery can last for more than one year to three years.  7. It adopts a structure without a power switch. The motor can only be powered by rotating the speed control knob when the human riding speed is greater than 6 km/h. When the wheel stops rotating, it will automatically cut off the power, which is convenient to use and energy-saving.   8. Use soft start to exercise, safe and comfortable, and can effectively improve the mileage and battery usage. Electric scooters are cost-effective, efficient in travel, and convenient for parking. It is more convenient for some people to go to work. Especially in some peak periods, its body is relatively small and can be driven easily in traffic. Generally speaking, it is very convenient. . But you still need to pay attention when designing. The above is what I have introduced for you today. You can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous article: How to distinguish whether an electric scooter is tubeless or ordinary tire from the appearance Next article: Briefly describe the precautions for using an electric scooter charger
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