Buying skills of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-09
How to choose an electric tricycle, we believe that you must first understand the type and performance of electric tricycles before buying. Electric tricycles are composed of five parts: body, battery, motor, controller and charger. Due to the differences in the design and selection of electrical supporting components by various manufacturers, their appearance, function, structure, performance and manufacturing cost are different: First, the types of electric tricycles can be divided into two categories: all-electric and intelligent power-assisted. All are equipped with power source, power plant and control system. The battery as a power source also comes with a matching charger. Electric drive does not need to rely on manpower, and uses the handle to control the speed to achieve 0-20km/h infinitely variable speed. Equipped with a set of 36V12Ah batteries, it can travel up to 60 kilometers on a single charge, which is the mainstream product in the current market. The second is the intelligent assisted electric tricycle: it can be called a real scooter, with a special sensor that responds through the control system after receiving the action of external force. The so-called electric drive, compared with pure electric drive, the mileage of the battery with the same capacity can be doubled. Because it relies mainly on manpower and supplemented by electricity, the intelligent assisted motor vehicle is a real moped, and will become the development direction of electric tricycles. Types of motors Electric tricycles can be divided into: friction drive, central axle sprocket drive and hub drive by the power device selected by the electric tricycle. The technical difficulty lies in the difficulty of heat dissipation of the motor and the difficulty of lubricating the transmission gear. In-wheel motors are divided into brushless and brushed motors. Brushless motors are mainly low-speed and high-torque motors without brushes and transmission gears to avoid mechanical wear problems. However, the large impact of starting current, low overload capacity, complex control system structure and high failure rate, etc., have affected the wide application of this motor. Hub-driven electric tricycle, the motor is installed in the hub of the wheel, and the hub is connected with the rim by the spokes, which directly drives the wheel to rotate. Reasonable design, compact structure, small size, light weight, low energy consumption and high efficiency compared with other transmission forms. Motor types are divided into brushless motors and brushed motors. Friction-driven electric tricycles are equipped with battery boxes and controllers on ordinary bicycles, and the wheels on the motor shaft are directly loaded on the tires, and are driven by friction. The structure is simple and the cost is low, but the tire wear is large, especially in the rainy season, it is easy to slip, the energy consumption is large, and the efficiency is low. The central axle sprocket drive type electric tricycle, the electric motor is specially designed at the central axle of the frame, the central axle is driven by the deceleration mechanism, and then the central axle drives the rear wheel through the chain.
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