Can electric powered adult tricycle be customized?
In order to satisfy different needs for a variety of industries and clients, Mainbon Group Company Limited. keeps improving our service capacity and enlarging our service scope, which sets a base for supplying professional customization services. The customization service processes include design consultation, product development, and sample offering. The product can be made into various colors, sizes, and other parameters with its functions remaining stable and consistent throughout manufacturing. If the samples do not meet the requirements, we will adjust the production until customers are satisfied.

Mainbon has been focused on providing superior OEM and ODM services since inception. The electric bicycle outlet series is one of the main products of Mainbon. Mainbon hybrid electric tricycle is manufactured according to strict quality standards and comply with international safety regulations. Every element of this product is made using only the best materials. The various specifications of the product meet the needs of the customers in the industry.

Our mission is to make customers' business even more successful. We respond to their individual requirements with innovative product concepts. Our solutions will inspire every customer.
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