Can Mainbon provide kids pink electric scooter installation video?
Yes, regarding the installation difficulties, we also provide kids pink electric scooter installation videos for customers. We ensure the videos are shot in a bright environment in which all the operations can be seen clearly. The videos have a high definition and there is no choppy loading. The installation video is also equipped with English subtitles so that customers can read them once they can't understand the operation. For more information about the product installation, please browse through our website or contact us.

Mainbon Group Company Limited. ​​is recognized as the a trustworthy electric bicycle outlet brand in China. The motorized trike parts series is one of the main products of Mainbon. This product is able to maintain a beautiful appearance. Its strong hydrophobicity property greatly reduces the swelling and cracking caused by water molecules, remaining its integrity. This product is extremely praised owing to their huge economic benefits.

We aim to win the market by maintaining the stable quality of products. We will focus on developing the new materials which feature more excellent performance, so as to upgrade products at the very beginning stage.
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