Can minors ride electric bicycles?

by:Mainbon     2021-10-05
Can minors ride electric bicycles? Now every family has electric bicycles, and riding is particularly easy to learn. So can underage ride electric bicycles? On this issue, the two-wheeled electric bicycle industry gives the following suggestions: because of their young age, little experience, weak resilience, poor awareness of road traffic laws and safety, and the fast speed, stability and braking system of electric bicycles Due to relatively poor performance and other reasons, safety accidents occur from time to time. Therefore, the treatment of the common phenomenon of children riding electric bicycles has been urgent, and the society and families should pay great attention to it. First of all, parents must have proper supervision and management. Never allow children to ride electric bicycles at will, let alone teach them how to ride electric bicycles when they can’t hold the electric handlebars in their hands or reach the brakes with their feet. Second, schools must have safety education in place. Elementary and secondary schools should regularly educate children on the prohibition of driving vehicles through safety education classes and other forms to prevent safety accidents. Third, all sectors of society must be co-managed in place. During the winter and summer vacations of elementary and middle school students, they should concentrate their personnel and energy to jointly carry out comprehensive management of electric vehicles for elementary and middle school students to reduce and eliminate injuries and deaths caused by children driving two-wheeled electric vehicles. Underage children are the flowers of the motherland and the hope for the future, so their safety issues are worthy of attention. Two-wheel electric bicycles sincerely hope that people from all walks of life can help underage children on the road on electric bicycles. Previous: It’s better not to go out on an electric bicycle during a thunderstorm. Next: What color is popular for electric bicycles this year?
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