Classification of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-11
The product pattern of electric tricycles can be divided into three types: standard type, multi-functional Jingchun type and luxury type.
1. Standard type: The motor power of this type of electric tricycle is generally 150W, which is characterized by concise and fluent shape, continuation mileage of 40km~50km, simple operation, and moderate price. The price is about 2000 yuan to 2600 yuan, which is more suitable It is used by users who have a long commute interval and have certain flexibility in tasks and careers.
2. Multi-purpose type: This kind of electric tricycle usually adds front fork shock absorber, saddle shock absorber, headlight, electric horn, etc. on the standard basis. It is more comfortable and more convenient to use at night, and the price is generally around 2,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan.
3. Luxury type: The characteristics of this type of electric tricycle are that the shape is more novel and luxurious, and the functions are more complete. In the ordinary world, a dashboard is added on the handlebar to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with Turn signals, verbal reminders, rear-view mirrors, tool boxes, safety net, etc., the price is around 3,000 yuan to 3,400 yuan. The style of electric tricycles is similar to the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. Because the development of the electric tricycle industry is immature, Ru0026D and manufacturing skills do not constitute the premise of independent Ru0026D and production of all enterprises. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of counterfeiting in the industry. According to leaks from some companies in the industry, after a new product in the industry is launched, the same model will definitely be seen in the models launched by multiple manufacturers, ranging from more than ten days to as many as one or two months. The lack of design talents, the relative backwardness of technical ability, and the increased cost of developing new products make it difficult for the electric tricycle industry to innovate products.

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