Classification of tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-07-12
Three-wheeled motorcycle classification. Wheeled motorcycles, motorcycles with three wheels, are divided into three categories according to the industry classification: elderly vehicles, regular three-wheeled trucks, and passenger three-wheeled three-wheeled motorcycles. , Old car (or old car), ZK-5 on the right, the front and body are small, suitable for the transportation of small items in family life, and more mobile and flexible. It is also suitable for the elderly to travel, named after the elderly car. b. Regular three-wheeled trucks have larger bodies and are mainly used for pulling goods. The price-performance ratio is higher than that of pickup trucks and other cars. The front driving part has two types: open and closed. c. Three-wheeled passenger transportation, a common handicapped vehicle is the upper left in the right picture. It is also suitable for the elderly to use, very convenient!
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