Common sense of safe use of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-06
Nowadays, electric tricycles are spread all over the country, and they have become an indispensable and important means of transportation in people’s daily production and life. Although in the years of development, electric tricycles have a high level of safety, but improper operation is still There will be some dangers.   In the selection of batteries for electric tricycles, lithium batteries should be the first choice. Its advantages are large capacity, low self-consumption, and low pollution (the disadvantage is that it is more expensive); secondly, the lead-acid dry battery has the advantages of good sealing and not easy to leak electrolyte, but the disadvantage is also obvious: easy to pollute. When using lead-acid dry batteries, be careful of the pollution, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage. And be careful of excessive voltage during use. There are some electric tricycles whose power supply voltage reaches or exceeds 36 volts, which exceeds the safe voltage threshold and is prone to electric shock accidents. Therefore, consumers should be extra careful. And consumers should always check the circuit plug-in points.
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