Common sense on the daily use of tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-07-02
Tricycles are more common in our daily lives, especially in the countryside. People can choose tricycles suitable for home use according to family needs. Tricycles are a kind of electromechanical products. The parts will be worn to a certain extent. If maintenance cannot be carried out in time, it will affect the performance of the tricycle. Conventional tricycle maintenance is divided into two maintenance methods, regular and daily, which can prevent various failures and extend Service life, reduce maintenance costs, etc. The use of special motor oil for three-wheeled motorcycles is determined according to the characteristics of the engine. The engine manufacturing precision of branded three-wheeled motorcycles is relatively high, there is a reasonable gap between various parts, and there is a higher performance compression ratio. The use of high-quality special oil must be selected to avoid adverse effects on the car; at the same time, the use of automobile oil and gear oil is prohibited. Some motor vehicles have great differences in terms of engine power, load and working temperature, etc. The composition requirements of engine oil additives are also quite different, and improper use can cause problems for motor vehicles.
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