Comparison of recreational and freight electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-26
Recreational electric tricycles are mainly for self-use, usually used for leisure and entertainment of the elderly, transporting children and grandchildren to school or walking relatives without food. The elderly can be used as a means of transportation to go fishing with friends, go to the park, and exercise. The body is lighter, the speed is relatively low, and it saves electricity. There are assistant pedals, which can be used as emergency use when the battery is low or no electricity, and can also be used as a tool for the elderly to exercise. There is little difference in the driving mode of freight electric tricycles and passenger electric tricycles. It is also mainly driven by mid-mounted or differential motors, but the power of the motor is larger, the battery voltage is higher, the motor power is higher, and the battery capacity is higher. It's just big. It is mainly used as a light cargo transportation tool in the city. Compared with other motor vehicles, it has the characteristics of low price, simple operation and convenient use. Freight-type electric tricycles have the highest steel grades, thicker steel plates, and correspondingly higher costs.
How to buy an electric tricycle?
If you want to drive an electric tricycle safely, the purchase of an electric tricycle is also very important. In our daily life, how should we buy a tricycle? Of course, the characteristics of buying an electric tricycle are affordable, high-configuration, and high-quality It is guaranteed that the electric tricycles are available in all styles, with comfortable seats, strong power, complete functions, light and convenient, and they can carry objects or people behind them. Pay attention to the weight of the objects. Electric tricycle manufacturers remind you that when you buy an electric bike, try to ride the assembled electric bike to see if the lights or turn signals of the car are on, the horn does not sound, how the brakes are, and whether the car is locked properly. It is easy to drive, and pay attention to the production date of the battery of the electric tricycle, and solve the problem in time to avoid accidents during the riding. After purchasing, check the equipment, whether the parts are complete, the charger, the keys, etc.
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