Daily maintenance and protective measures of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
Don't be too troublesome to ride an electric tricycle. It's best to ride on the pedals first, and then accelerate slowly. Batteries are afraid of heat in summer, and must not be exposed to open flames. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. Use the charger to confirm the model, voltage and frequency to meet the requirements.
Every 2 months, deep discharge and deep charge are required. After 3 months of riding, swap the positions of the first and second blocks on the battery pack. The procedure for charging the electric tricycle is to first turn off the power switch of the electric tricycle, plug in the charger, and then connect to the 220V power supply. After charging is complete, disconnect the power supply first, and then disconnect the plug of the charger. In another three months, the first and third blocks will be swapped. You can go to the store to ask a professional for help. The battery is in a 'half full' state before use, commonly known as virtual power. Consumers should fully charge their new car for 10-12 hours in the first seven times. After 7 times of charging, it should be charged as you ride, generally no more than 8 hours. The most scientific method is to charge the light for an hour after the charging light turns to the full mark. Don't wait until the battery is exhausted before charging, it is easy to 'wear out' the battery. In addition, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, it must be fully charged before placing it, otherwise the battery will 'starve to death'.
The spontaneous combustion of the electric tricycle can prevent the electric tricycle from being exposed to the rain, avoid the water entering the line after passing through the waterlogged section, and avoid the battery overheating after exposure to the sun; secondly, when charging the electric tricycle, it is not allowed to charge multiple electric tricycles at the same time on one power strip. Charging, the charging time should not exceed 8 hours, otherwise it will not only accelerate the aging of the battery, but also may cause the circuit to short-circuit and catch fire; in addition, after the battery life of the electric tricycle expires, you should go to a regular place to buy a battery with reliable quality, and you cannot use it for repairs without a license Replace old batteries and 'three-no' batteries; finally, cyclists should pay attention to the strangeness of the electric tricycle when driving, and repair them in time if they find any problems. Relevant staff also reminded that the electric tricycle is likely to explode during the spontaneous combustion process. Once the car is found to be spontaneously igniting, it is best not to stand around.
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