Detailed introduction to common problems of electric bicycle charging

by:Mainbon     2021-09-28
Detailed introduction to common problems of electric bicycle charging Electric bicycles have been used for a long time, and they often encounter problems of one kind or another. When we encounter these problems, how should we solve them, I think everyone is not very clear. Here is a detailed introduction to the common problems of electric bicycle charging: Problem 1: The green light will be on when the battery is charged for one hour (the battery will be full as soon as it is charged). , It will be used up as soon as it is used).  1 The charger voltage is low and the battery is seriously undercharged: replace or repair;   2 The battery enters a period of decline and cannot meet the long-term discharge: replace or repair. Problem 2: After charging for 8 hours, the green light of the charger is off and the battery is hot.  1 The charging voltage of the charger is too high: replace or repair;   2 The battery pack or a single cell in it is faulty: replace or repair. Problem 3: The battery leaks.  1 Battery is broken: replace or repair the battery;   2 When charging, the battery position is reversed, and the charging voltage is high. Problem 4: The battery is full, but two red lights (undervoltage light, overcurrent protection light on, and motor off.)   1 The output voltage of the charger is low: replace or repair the charger;   2 The battery charging time is short: recharge Extend the charging time;   3 battery pack or a single capacity drop: replace the battery;   4 electrode damage or poor contact: replace or repair the electrode. Question 5: The battery is full and the indicator lights are all on, but the load wheel is weak. 1 Gear wear and slip: Replace or repair the gear;   2 Partial short circuit of the hub motor winding: Replace or repair the motor;   3 Electric bicycle assembly problem or component wear: Re-adjust the nut of the electric bicycle component nut;   4 The electric bicycle motor shaft gear damping rubber is damaged : Replace or repair. In summary, the common problems of charging electric bicycles. Everyone understands the solutions to these problems. When you encounter these problems in the future, you will know how to solve them. I hope my introduction is helpful to everyone. I want to understand For more information, you are welcome to inquire. Previous: Detailed introduction of common motors and characteristics of two-wheeled electric bicycles Next: What are the reasons for the premature aging of electric bicycles on the market
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