Details of safe driving rules for electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
(1) This vehicle is a non-motorized vehicle, and you should strictly abide by the local traffic rules and drive in the slow lane;
(2) In order to ensure that this vehicle can serve you reliably for a long time, please read the instruction book carefully, and if you do not understand its performance Before, don't rush to use it, let alone lend it to people who have no operating experience.
(3) Before starting, it is necessary to stop and check the vehicle, check the tire pressure, whether all kinds of fasteners, connecting parts, and adjusting parts are in place, check whether the brakes, charging, and turn signals can be safely and effectively turned off, and the speed control is led by hands Whether the handle can be reset to prevent accidents and damage to parts.
(4) Concentrate on driving, keep a proper distance from other vehicles, and strictly prohibit rushing to the road and speeding.
(5) When turning or changing lanes, turn on the turn signal to attract others' attention.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to overload or modify the original vehicle for installation without permission. The goods should be placed in the center of the vehicle to maintain a balanced and stable vehicle.
(7) When charging, parking or repairing the vehicle, it is necessary to turn off and unplug the power lock key and turn off the main power supply, and stop the handbrake to prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations.
(8) Note:
1. It is illegal to arbitrarily modify or change the installation of the original vehicle, which will not guarantee the safe driving of the electric ribbed tricycle. Our factory is not responsible for the maintenance of the modified vehicles.
2. Overloading of goods will damage the performance and stability of the vehicle, and will threaten the safety of the driver.

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