Different functions of various domestic electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-21
Domestic electric vehicles are mainly used for sightseeing and transportation of passengers and goods, transportation of billets in brick factories, transportation of mines, and transportation of bulk materials for prefabricated components. The main purpose of the electric kiln loading truck is the transfer of dry billets in the brick factory. It can also be used as a transport vehicle for bagged bulk materials and can also be used in factories, ports, logistics warehouses, etc. Because the electric starter makes gasoline-powered vehicles more Attraction, coupled with mass production, reduces the cost of gasoline vehicles. In Europe, electric vehicles have been used as short-haul freight vehicles. Since the 1970s, countries have renewed interest in electric vehicles, especially because they should not rely on foreign oil and environmental problems, which have led to repeated improvements in the speed and driving distance of battery vehicles. Electric drawing vehicles are equipped with brakes and power-off functions, which are easy to operate. The reliable safety system is also relatively high. In addition, the electric drawing car uses electric energy, and it will not fail to start in winter because of the low temperature. The electric drawing car is equipped with forward and reverse gears, which can cooperate with the front and rear operation of the vehicle to avoid the problem of small turning diameters in a small working area. The operation of the electric drawing car is also very simple. It can be operated with or without driving experience. One electric drawing cart can replace four rickshaws. The car is powered by a 12-horsepower (10 or 15-horse) diesel engine, battery-powered, 12 slabs at one time, equipped with a lifting device, double-layer work surface, automatic lifting, the brick machine automatically supports all 12 slabs of bricks Pick up on the truck, and automatically drop the 12-slab bricks on the slab frame at the stockyard, making full use of the efficiency of the truck, and the female labor can operate it. It also saves a lot of fuel costs for the company. Let the investment of enterprises take effect quickly, and the recovery is quick.
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