do you know? The battery of the motor car is not worn out but badly charged!

by:Mainbon     2021-10-13
do you know? The battery of the motor car is not worn out but badly charged! Have you discovered that some electric tricycle batteries will fail after a long time, and some will suspect that the business is fraudulent? Is this really the case? The following two-wheeled electric tricycle will give you a detailed analysis. Some people say, 'The battery is not worn out but charged.' This statement is really correct. The charging performance of the battery plays a decisive role in the service life and performance of the battery, so the charging method must be paid attention to. At different temperatures, the precautions for charging are also different, let's take a look next. In the high temperature season, the battery has the problem of overcharging. The temperature of the battery should be reduced as much as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, and to prevent charging immediately after exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun will increase the temperature of the battery and increase the activity of various active materials in the battery, which will affect the service life of the battery. In low temperature conditions, the battery has the problems of poor charging acceptance and insufficient charging. In this case, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage and prolong the charging time, and take heat preservation and antifreeze measures, so as to ensure sufficient charge and prolong the use of the battery life. The above is the analysis of the battery life of the electric tricycle. Do you understand now? For other details, please follow our website or call us. Previous: Briefly describe the common charging methods of electric tricycles Next: Why can't the electric tricycles be charged?
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