Does Mainbon make delivery on time?
It is a basic service that customers can enjoy in Mainbon Group Company Limited.. In our company, the arrival of materials needed for production is well guaranteed because it is integral to the efficiency of the production lines. Additionally, the technology applied in production also plays an important role in influencing the production efficiency. We have a complete set of production lines to ensure high production efficiency. What's more, we have set up a professional after-sales team which is responsible for tracking the logistics of goods and keeping close contact with customers.

Over the years, Mainbon has continued to write history on children's power scooter industry history. The electric bicycle outlet series is one of the main products of Mainbon. The electric performance test of Mainbon new power scooter is conducted at the quality inspection stage. The main electrical performance index such as capacity, internal resistance, lifespan, and short circuit protection will be tested by the QC team. The product perfectly adapts to the market trend and has a great potential for wider application.

While striving to provide the most satisfactory products and services, we will spare no effort to enhance our integrity, diversity, excellence, collaboration, and participation in corporate values. Check now!
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