Does your electric tricycle have 3C certification? How to choose an electric tricycle?

by:Mainbon     2021-10-13
Does your electric tricycle have 3C certification? How to choose an electric tricycle? Why do electric tricycles need 3C certification? How should we buy an electric tricycle? The two-wheeled electric tricycle will be introduced to you in detail. After the mandatory implementation of 3C certification for electric tricycles, product safety thresholds have increased. At the same time, as a global product safety standard, 3C certification plays the role of a 'quality passport' in international trade, and the implementation of certification and supervision is parallel. , Can more effectively supervise the whole process of electric tricycle production and sales. The true 3C certification requires that in addition to the entire vehicle, some key components of the electric tricycle must also be certified. Nine major components of 3C certification for electric tricycles In addition to the 3C certification of the whole vehicle, there are nine major components of electric tricycles that require 3C certification. They are: front combination lights, front turn signals, brake hoses, rear combination lights, and rear license plates Lights, rearview mirrors, reflectors, tires, speakers. Points to note when purchasing electric tricycles 1.3C certification must be clear that all electric tricycles currently on sale need to have 3C certification, so be sure to look for the 3C mark when buying. 2. The four major parts of electric tricycles should pay attention to when purchasing electric tricycles, the 'four major parts' of electric tricycles should also be paid attention to, namely the motor, controller, battery, and charger. As the most critical component of the electric tricycle, the quality of the four major parts directly affects the user's driving experience and safety. 3. Braking is critical. As the braking device of an electric tricycle, whether it is safe or not during riding depends on it. Whether the brakes of electric tricycles are reliable is related to the life and property safety of riders. 4. Pro-test, pro-ride and choose according to needs. Different user groups have different needs for electric tricycles, so when buying a car, it would be great if you can experience it in person. 5. After-sales warranty is very important. When buying a car, look at whether the after-sales guarantee is guaranteed. If there is a unified national after-sales service, whether the online and offline service system is guaranteed, and whether the 'three guarantees' period of the national joint guarantee is complete, complete after-sales services can save consumers a lot of worry. The above is today's sharing content, you can learn more about it, and hope it can help you. Previous: How to distinguish whether an electric tricycle is tubeless or ordinary Next: New regulations for electric tricycles have been released again! Behind is the lesson of blood
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