Driving method and brake structure of electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-05-10
The structure of an electric tricycle is similar to that of an electric tricycle, except that one physical drive is missing, and the brake structure is similar. Electric drive: The main energy is battery. After the circuit is turned on, it can drive the wheel hub motor to brake the rear wheel and propel the other two driven wheels (one front wheel and one rear wheel), and the car body travels as a whole. There is a speed adjustment device at the handlebar, which uses Hall sensors to control the speed of the hub motor. Physical drive: Same as bicycle drive. The rider pedals and cranks the frisbee. There is a fixed bottom bracket assembly hole in the middle of the frame. After the bottom bracket is fixed, the fly disc and the bottom bracket are connected by a chain. At the same time, the bottom bracket is also connected to the flywheel at the driving hub through the chain. The central axis of the flywheel rotates, which in turn also makes the flywheel rotate. With rain, the flywheel can only run in one direction, and the hub drive wheel can only drive the locomotive forward. The brake structure mainly consists of two parts, the active brake and the driven brake. The expansion brake is mainly composed of shoe plates, which are connected to the hub by threads and rotate integrally with the hub. When the brake is active, pull the spring wire to pull the main brake switch. At this time, the internal cam is driven to rotate a certain angle to open the two shoes (the shoes are connected by springs), and the shoes are expanded and are in contact with the brake. Table friction, thereby reducing the wheel hub motor, every way brake function. The driven brake slows down the driven wheel, and the internal principle is similar.
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