E-bikes are banned, and now the gospel has finally spread

by:Mainbon     2021-09-23
Electric bicycles are banned, and now the gospel is finally coming. Traffic accidents occur every day in China. Every day, people think that they don’t comply with traffic regulations and die. Many people regret it only after things happen, but it is too late. Now there are two main types of vehicles on the road, one is a car and the other is an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles do not have a license plate and have a light body. Many people do not follow the traffic regulations when riding electric bicycles and rush to the road at will. Many times they are caught off guard by the driver, and accidents are extremely prone to accidents. In order to manage these electric bicycles in June of this year, the power of electric bicycles should not exceed 400 watts and the driving speed should not exceed 25km/h. This makes many electric bicycles on the market unusable. Once the regulations are violated, there will be corresponding penalties. Many electric bicycle owners express their dissatisfaction. Why do they limit electric bicycles? The cause of accidents is not entirely on electric bicycles. Once electric bicycles are not allowed on the road, how can those who can't drive go to work in the future? However, car owners are very happy because their troubles and dangers are reduced a lot, which is a good thing for them. Experts have also said that such measures are inappropriate and should relax policies for electric bicycle owners. The two-wheeled electric bicycle factory wants to tell all electric bicycle owners that now this regulation has been cancelled and you can ride electric bicycles on the road, but you must abide by the traffic regulations in the future. Now the requirements for electric bicycles are the same as those for cars. Once the regulations are violated, there will be corresponding penalties. In fact, regardless of restrictions or restrictions on travel, everyone must pay attention to safety when driving or cycling. This is responsible for yourself and others, isn't it? Previous: The truth about the deterioration of the battery quality of electric bicycles Next: The maintenance method of the electric bicycle motor does not rotate and the meter does not display
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