Economic Development of Agricultural Tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-07
The emergence of agricultural tricycles has greatly promoted the development of the rural economy. It has won the favor of farmers for its economy and practicality. It is widely used in various fields such as rural material transportation, grain cultivation, and commodity circulation. It can be said that it has become farmers' favorite. Partner, one of the indispensable members of thousands of rural households.
Agricultural tricycles are generally divided into shaft drive tricycles, belt drive tricycles and chain drive tricycles according to the power output mode. Among them, the shaft-driven tricycle is a high-horsepower tricycle, which has a large load capacity, high speed and stable operation, and is suitable for long-distance transportation with high load; the belt-driven tricycle is generally driven by a V-belt, with a small load capacity, low speed and poor running stability. ; Chain drive tricycles are generally gasoline vehicles with low horsepower and light load.
The engine is the heart of the tricycle, and its quality directly affects the service life of the tricycle. The engine mainly depends on whether it is easy to start, whether it is strong, whether there is abnormal noise after running, whether the exhaust is normal, and whether there is air leakage, water leakage or oil leakage after normal operation. When trying to start, open the pressure reducing valve, shake the engine by hand, the force should be uniform and fast, shake and loosen the pressure reducing valve, and feel that the heaviest position should be once; The sound of fuel injection is good for starting. After starting, when the throttle is gradually increased, the operation should be soft and stable, there should be no knock on the cylinder and other noises, and no floating smoke should be seen from the exhaust pipe.
After depressing the clutch, it is easy to shift, and there is no 'click' sound, slowly release the clutch, the tricycle starts smoothly, there is no 'vibration' phenomenon, and the sound of the transmission part is soft. When the 'brake' is pressed, the tricycle decelerates smoothly and should be able to stop in time. After stopping, the bearing cover should not be hot when touched by hand; check whether the wires, lighting are normal, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the power take-off shaft rotates normally after the power output shaft is engaged; whether there is any bump or hair pulling after the V-belt is driven.
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