Effective protection measures for machinery in winter

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
The cooling system should be cleaned before winter to prevent debris from blocking the radiator and the engine water drain switch. Since the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oil increases with the decrease in temperature, the fluidity becomes poor, so the frictional resistance increases when the parts move, and the fuel tricycle starts. From time to time, it often leads to difficulties in cold starting, and even accidents such as burning tiles and holding shafts. Regularly discharge the water in the fuel tank, and strictly prevent the water from being mixed into the diesel oil, so as to prevent the diesel oil from freezing. Appropriately increase the proportion of the battery electrolyte, and use the method of supplementary charging to keep the battery in a fully charged state, so that the battery will not lose too much capacity due to low temperature and freeze the battery shell. Therefore, when winter comes, the lubricating oil in the oil pan, air compressor and wheel hub bearing should be replaced with the lubricating oil for winter; the gear oil in the transmission, transfer case, differential and steering gear should be replaced in time. Gear oil for winter use. Thoroughly clean the fuel tank. Change the lubricating oil in time. Refill and replace antifreeze in time. Before using antifreeze, first remove the original engine antifreeze, and then clean the waterway. It is best to add the antifreeze specified by the manufacturer to prevent the waterway from rotting in the future. In addition, the filling of antifreeze should be appropriate and must not be ignored. Drain the cooling water. When the water is drained, the drain switch should be fully turned on (generally the engine has two drain switches, one on the cylinder block and the other at the water outlet at the bottom of the radiator) and the radiator filler cap. After the water is drained, the engine can be started to run for a while. to drain the cooling water. In order to ensure the purity of diesel oil and reduce freezing, it is necessary to clean the fuel tank frequently. Generally, it is required to clean it once every 20 days. When cleaning, it is not possible to use a brush, but only gasoline or diesel oil. If it is found that the paper filter blade inside is deformed or worn out, it should be replaced with a new one. The pressure regulating valve on the filter seat cannot be cleaned with gasoline, so as not to damage the sealing rubber ring of the pressure regulating valve. If possible, install the fuel tank antifreeze device, and use the fuel tank and oil pipe insulation cover to prevent freezing, so that the tractor can start and drive normally in severe winter. Fuel tricycles and other agricultural machinery should be parked in the garage as much as possible to prevent wind, sun, rain and snow erosion and freezing. Thoroughly clean the filter, oil pan, and transmission, otherwise different brands of lubricating oil will be mixed together, reducing the lubricating effect.
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