Electric bicycle battery production reform process

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
There have been two electric tricycle booms in our country. Due to the reasons of battery, motor and controller technology at that time, they have retired without success. The two ups and downs of electric tricycles have taught us a profound lesson that electric bicycles are not simple bicycles + motors + batteries. For superimposed products, the related supporting parts have quite high technical matching requirements and close internal connections. The electric bicycle on the market today is not the battery car of the past. It shows people the development of new technology with a new look. The rise of electric bicycles has once again driven the development of the bicycle industry. The number and investment scale of professional electric bicycle manufacturers and supporting manufacturers have expanded rapidly. They give full play to their high-tech advantages and develop new products that are suitable for the trend of the times, so as to improve product quality and taste. .
With the improvement of people's living standards and the expansion of the radius of daily activities, ordinary bicycles can no longer meet the needs of people's travel, so people urgently need a kind of bicycle that can be safer than motorcycles, save money than mopeds, and save energy than buses Lightweight and fast transportation. Therefore, a kind of pollution-free, noise-free, which not only retains the lightness of the motor vehicle, but also integrates the convenience of the motor vehicle, the electric bicycle with the battery as the power source quietly enters the people's life. Electric bicycles can be ridden by manpower and driven by electricity. They are multi-functional and environmentally friendly means of transportation. They are supported by the environmental protection and traffic police management departments. Double the speed of expansion.
The motor has low energy consumption, high efficiency and high power. In addition to its strong overload capacity, it is also monitored by the control circuit. The battery production reform process and optimized formula have significantly improved the cruising range on a single charge and made a new breakthrough in battery life. The control system is designed with a number of protection functions: power display, stepless speed regulation, soft start, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection and braking power-off and other functions. It plays a good role in protecting the motor and battery. The charger design adopts three-stage automatic conversion charging mode of constant current, constant voltage and floating charge, which protects the battery and effectively prolongs the battery life. A good electric bicycle, in addition to its own good intrinsic quality, is also closely related to daily maintenance and correct operation and use. Develop good usage habits and reasonable usage methods, which play a crucial role in the service life of batteries and motors. Do good maintenance, more assistance, and frequent charging.
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