Electric bicycles need regular inspections during use

by:Mainbon     2021-09-27
Electric bicycles, like other travel tools, require regular inspection and maintenance. After all, we use them frequently, and as electrical appliances, they will inevitably have some loss during use. Therefore, inspection and maintenance should be carried out frequently. Here are a few examples. 1. Prevent short circuit. Particular care should be taken during installation or use. The tools used should be insulated. When wiring, the electrical appliances other than the battery should be connected. After inspection, there is no short circuit, and finally the battery should be connected. The wiring specifications should be well insulated to prevent overlapped pressure. rupture. In addition, if it is rained accidentally, we should wipe it dry in time and do a test. 2. Each start time cannot exceed 5 seconds. Avoid long-term high-current discharge of the battery, which will greatly damage the internal structure of the battery. It is recommended that the vehicle owner should not start more than 5 seconds each time. Two consecutive starts are required, with an interval of 10 to 15 seconds. 3. Prevent exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun will increase the temperature of the battery and increase the activity of each active material in the battery, which will affect the service life of the battery. 4. Check and adjust the front and rear brakes. Before using the electric bicycle, check and adjust the front and rear brakes. The front brake is controlled by the right brake lever, and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake lever. The front and rear brakes should be adjusted so that they can brake reliably when the left and right brake handles reach half the stroke. The brake shoes are excessively worn and should be replaced in time. 5. Check the lubrication of the chain before using the electric bicycle. Feel and observe whether the chain shaft of the chain rotates flexibly and whether the chain links are severely corroded. If it is rusty or does not rotate flexibly, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added, and the chain should be replaced in severe cases. 6. Before riding an electric bicycle, check the tire pressure, the steering flexibility of the handlebar, the flexibility of the front and rear wheels, the circuit, the battery power, the working condition of the motor, and the lights, horns, etc. Regarding the above matters, you should always check and take good care of them. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with in time. For more questions about electric bicycles, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: Maintenance of electric bicycle battery Next: No more
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