Electric scooter riding skills in snowy days

by:Mainbon     2021-10-16
Electric scooters riding skills on snowy days In the cold winter, especially in snowy days, electric scooters are not easy to control. Today, Shandong two-wheeled electric scooters will introduce you to electric scooters in snowy days. Let’s take a look at your riding skills. 1. Make adequate 'foreplay'. First of all, you need to prepare warm and wind-proof equipment, clear the snow on the saddles and handlebars before setting off, and ensure that your pants and gloves are not wet. The snow-paved road is undoubtedly the most slippery. It is best to remove the snow from the front and rear of the wheels before moving the car. It is not easy to grasp the handle strongly when starting, otherwise the wheels will spin idly and the electric scooter body will lose its balance. There will also be a lot of snow in the front and rear lights. If it is not cleared, it will affect the lighting effect of the car lights, and it will be even more dangerous at night.  2. Keep a relatively safe distance between cars.    In snowy days, you must keep a safe distance between the electric scooter and the car, which is about 4-5 times the braking distance of the car. Because the snowy road is slippery, and when the car has a side-slip and other accidents, you are close to it, and the fire at the city gate must have affected the pond fish. No matter the road is wide or narrow, and the road surface is good or bad, you should never ride fast when you ride in the snow. Pay attention to the distance between the front and rear vehicles and your own car at any time, and be prepared to take various emergency measures in advance. 3. Pay attention to pedestrians in snowy weather. As pedestrians hold umbrellas in rainy and snowy weather, their sight, hearing, and reaction capabilities will be impaired. We riders will also wear ponchos and have the same problem. Don't cross and turn, don't panic if you haven't noticed the car, slow down as much as possible, and avoid pedestrians patiently, don't be impatient, and don't fight with the car.  4. Keep driving at a constant speed, and don’t turn the handle until you turn the head.   Snowy roads are slippery. Sudden braking and acceleration may cause slips, and the handlebars should not be too strong or too fast. Therefore, when riding a bicycle, hold the handlebars with both hands, maintain a straight line and drive at a low speed. When turning, you should brake gently to prevent the tires from locking and causing the electric scooter to slip. Attention, it is best not to overtake! It is important to note that it is best to wear a pair of shoes with better anti-slip performance. Because the ground is slippery in snowy days, it is difficult for us to maintain balance with electric scooters. Sometimes we need to use our feet to prevent the electric scooters from slipping. Finally, I still want to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when traveling in snow. The above is the skill of Xuetianqi electric scooter introduced to you. You can refer to it and hope it can be helpful to everyone. Previous post: What is going on when the electric scooter is fully charged as soon as it is charged? Next: Briefly describe the common charging methods of electric scooters
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