Electric tricycle charger repair

by:Mainbon     2022-02-13
Since the input circuit of the electric tricycle charger works in a state of high voltage and too much current, the failure rate is the highest. Such as high-voltage and high-current rectifier transistors, filter capacitors, switching power tubes, etc.; secondly, the more easily damaged are the rectifier diodes, protection diodes, filter capacitors, current limiting resistors, etc. of the output rectifier part; then the feedback part of the PWM controller and Protection circuit part. In general, a blown fuse indicates that there is a short circuit or overcurrent fault in the internal circuit of the charger. This is due to the high failure rate of internal devices due to the high voltage and high current status of the charger for a long time. In addition, the fluctuation of grid voltage and surge will cause the current in the charger to increase instantaneously and cause the fuse to blow.
First carefully check the various components on the circuit board to see if the surface of these components is burnt or the electrolyte overflows. Then measure the resistance value of the input terminal of the power supply. If it is less than 20OkΩ, it means that there is a partial short circuit at the back end. Then measure the positive and negative resistance values u200bu200bof the 4 rectifier diodes and the resistance values u200bu200bof the two current limiting resistors to see if there is a short circuit or burnout. If the above situation still does not exist, measure whether the input power cord and output power cord are internally short-circuited. In general, in the fuse failure, rectifier diodes, power supply filter capacitors, switching power tubes, and UC3842 are vulnerable parts, and the probability of damage can reach more than 95%. It is easy to eliminate faults by focusing on checking these components.
Finally, measure whether the power supply filter capacitor can be charged and discharged normally, whether the switching power tube is broken down and damaged, whether the UC3842 and its surrounding components are broken down, burned out, etc. It should be noted that, because it is measured on the road, it may make the measurement results wrong or cause misjudgment, so if necessary, the components can be soldered down for measurement.
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