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by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
Electric tricycles are customized and sold by manufacturers, processing and wholesale manufacturers who distribute electric tricycles, power-assisted tricycles, fuel tricycles, semi-canopy electric tricycles, and elderly tricycles at low prices. The manufacturers will give more discounts to customers, which is very real.
The maintenance of electric tricycle batteries is It is very important, first of all, the electric tricycle battery should be protected from under-voltage to avoid deep discharge. When the car is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged, and the main circuit switch should be turned off, and the battery should be charged every 1 to 2 months. Recharge the battery once, do not charge it frequently. Secondly, the maximum charging voltage of the control charging should be below 2.42V per grid, that is, below the hydrogen evolution potential. If the negative pulse of depolarization is added under the current-limiting and high-current charging state at this time, the charging acceptance of the battery can be improved. ability. Otherwise, once higher than the hydrogen evolution voltage, the battery will lose water rapidly. Although the battery of the electric tricycle is maintenance-free, after half a year of use, with the continuous consumption of water, the vulcanization and softening of the plates will occur, which will cause the battery capacity to decrease or even fail. Water should be replenished in time or a small coppersmith battery activator should be added to extend the battery life to more than two years. With the development of society, electric tricycles have become a means of transportation for every household, which is environmentally friendly and labor-saving, so do you know how to extend its service life? The user should scrub and lubricate the front axle, rear axle, middle axle, flywheel, front fork, shock absorber pivot point and other components once a year according to the usage conditions (molybdenum disulfide grease is recommended). The transmission parts in the electric wheel hub have been coated with special lubricating oil, and users do not need to scrub and lubricate by themselves. When it rains, if it rains and accumulates water, do not let the water submerge the center of the wheel hub; turn off the switch in time when getting off the car, and usually fully inflate the tires; in the case of heavy loads such as uphill and wind, use the pedal to assist; If the fault occurs, send it to the special maintenance department designated by the manufacturer for maintenance. The battery should maintain the habit of charging as it is used, and cannot wait until the battery is used up to recharge, which will affect the battery life. If it is not used for a long time, charge it once a month. Please use the matching special charger for charging. In the current stage of urban transportation development, electric tricycles play a very important role in the development of various industries. Electric tricycles are also low-energy-consumption and green transportation tools. Electric tricycles should be 'introduced' rather than 'banned'.

The global market was valued at custom electric bike in custom electric motorcycle and is expected to reach a market value of custom electric bike by custom electric motorcycle, with a CAGR of custom electric bike during the forecast period.
Satisfying our customers with the appropriate level of quality is a primary goal and a fundamental element as custom electric bicycles of our business mission.
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