Electric tricycle manufacturers grow rapidly

by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
In sharp contrast to the bicycle market, my country's electric tricycle market has seen a rapid growth momentum. At present, there are 14 million electric tricycles in the country. For example, Chengdu is one of the cities with the fastest growth of electric tricycles in the country. Its year-on-year growth rate is as high as 182.76%. The Chengdu area originally had 7.5 million bicycles, and more than 600,000 bicycles have been replaced by electric tricycles. The number of electric tricycles has reached 420,000. This is what happens when the sparrow becomes the phoenix and the sunset industry is replaced by the sunrise industry. Electric tricycles are in high demand.
According to a survey of citizens' needs in major cities across the country, up to 76% of citizens have the need to use electric tricycles as a means of transportation. They say: 'Cars are too expensive to buy, bicycles are too tired to ride, buses are too crowded I don't want to crowd, motorcycles are too dangerous and banned in many cities, and electric tricycles are the best for us. 'Mr. Wang Fenghe, chairman of the China Bicycle Association, believes that electric tricycles are light, moderate in speed, safe and cheap, without noise and exhaust pollution, occupying small parking spaces, which can greatly improve the traffic efficiency of non-motorized vehicle lanes, and are very suitable for single short-distance travel in cities. , has the incomparable advantages of other means of transportation. Electric tricycles can become the main means of transportation for civilians and salarymen.
The electric tricycle manufacturers are growing rapidly. There are now more than 1,400 electric tricycle manufacturers in China, with an annual production of 5.5 million electric tricycles. Due to the low threshold of the electric tricycle manufacturing industry, most of the manufacturers have an annual output of less than 10,000 vehicles. About 30% of the electric tricycle companies are assembled electric tricycles, and about 40% of the electric tricycle companies are OEM.
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