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As electric tricycle parts becomes highly demanded by customers from different industries, its purchasers have met a skyrocketing increase in number and they may come from countries across thousands of miles away from China. In this Internet-connected world, they can easily find a buyer for the products through many E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Global sources. After typing in the keywords, customers can get access to the details of the top exporters, and relevant product info from all over the world.

Mainbon Group Company Limited. ​​is China's most famous new electric tricycle brand. The electric bicycle outlet series is one of the main products of Mainbon. The product causes no injury. Its edges and corners are all rounded and polished to eliminate sharp and irritating burrs. The product is utilized in various applications and has received lots of appreciation from our customers.

We take environmental protection seriously. We will make efforts in reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption during production as our effort to protect the environment.
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