Electric tricycle safety

by:Mainbon     2022-02-12
The safety of electric tricycles starts from the time of purchase. It can be seen that to ensure the safety of electric tricycles during use, consumers should already pay attention when purchasing. At present, the protection systems of regular manufacturers are relatively complete, and the circuit materials and interfaces of various components are relatively regular. Consumers should not be greedy for cheap, and must choose electric three-wheeled models from regular manufacturers or well-known brands. In addition, consumers should also pay attention to the standardized operation of electric tricycles and batteries during use to prevent overcharging and overdischarging. After the electric tricycle battery is heated, take cooling measures, and the electric tricycle battery can only be charged when the temperature of the electric tricycle battery returns to normal. The installation position of the electric tricycle battery should ensure good heat dissipation as much as possible. When it is found to be overheated, the charging should be stopped, and the charger and the electric tricycle battery should be checked. When the depth of discharge of the electric tricycle battery is shallow or the ambient temperature is high, the charging time should be shortened. After the electric tricycle battery is discharged to the termination voltage, the continuous discharge is called overdischarge. Over-discharge will seriously damage the electric tricycle battery, which is extremely detrimental to the electrical performance and cycle life of the electric tricycle battery. On the whole, when consumers buy electric tricycles, they should not only judge the quality of a car based on factors such as price and cruising range, but also whether the circuit materials and components are in good contact is equally important. And the battery must not be short-circuited. Special care should be taken during installation or use. The tools used should be insulated. When connecting, the electrical appliances other than the battery should be connected first. After inspection, there is no short-circuit. Finally, connect the electric tricycle battery and wiring. The specification should be well insulated to prevent rupture due to overlapping pressure. Only in this way can the electric tricycle be safer and last longer.
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