Electric tricycles need to pay attention to safety during driving

by:Mainbon     2021-06-07
When the electric tricycle is driving, because the speed is faster than ordinary bicycles and pedestrians, the probability of overtaking is higher, and scratching accidents are very easy to occur, and various traffic violations such as side-by-side driving, driving on the opposite road, random parking, random turning, running red lights, etc. A large increase, and many passengers are often taken at the same time, it is easy to cause loss of control, overturning, and vicious traffic accidents that cause mass deaths and injuries. So you need to pay more attention to safety when driving!
Beware of electric tricycles when climbing or starting
Be careful when climbing a hill or starting an electric tricycle. Avoid excessive acceleration when starting and climbing to prevent excessive starting current and long-term overloading of mechanical parts, which may cause overheating and damage to motor coils, lines, batteries, and governors, and even cause disasters. When consumers use electric tricycles, they should also pay attention to observing traffic rules and not rushing. The speed of electric tricycles is not fast, and it cannot be compared with motor vehicles when starting. So everyone must be careful and safe when crossing the road, don’t rush to go, so as to ensure the safety of travel.   Regarding which travel tool is used, safety is the first priority. Therefore, consumers should keep in mind the above points of safe use of common sense to avoid danger due to improper operation.
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